Sunday, July 6, 2008


What have I done?!?

I have actually, officially, started my very own blog. Now I am scared! I guess first thing I need to do is freshen up on my english, vocabulary, language arts, etc. etc.

No, I take that back, I don't care if I sound hicky or not too bright. I am who I am.

And I am on here to chat about everything & nothing. Kind of like Seinfield.

I also can't wait to share ideas on crafting, trash to treasure, scrapbooking, gardening, shopping, etc.

Off to check out layouts & other features on here. I still have a lot to learn.


theresa said...

congrats on your new blog site. I know it is you cause you have already had an argument with yourself!! I do believe your blog will be a good read. You are interesting, funny and have a great imagination.
Luv ya, your sister tc

Sam I Am said...

Thank you Carol for stopping by and posting a comment on my blog :) :) :)
Its always nice to hear from kitty admirers :)

Debi said...

Looking forward to getting to read all your daily stuff... keep up the good work!! Your off to a great start!!! :D
Come on over for a visit anytime you like...looking forward to catching some more of your blog.